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What is Process Coaching?

Process Coaching is sweet relief and tears of joy at the homecoming of your most beloved. This time your most beloved is you.

From Cathy's clients: 
"I met Cathy at a workshop she gave and have been connected with her through Process Coaching ever since.  Cathy is a steady presence in my life and somehow seems to know when to reach out to me. She is a patient, supportive, and encouraging coach.  And now, sometimes I even hear her when she is not there.  She has helped me learn skills to facilitate my own healing. All the while she has modeled loving acceptance of the parts of me.  I feel blessed that Cathy is a part of my journey."  Rachel Templer, Bend, OR
"In the very short time that Cathy has been my process coach I've made tremendous changes in my life. I'm able to feel comfortable now in my own skin and be who I really am without the fear of rejection. My relationships have improved now that I am sharing myself more freely and openly. I use the techniques she's taught me in my daily life, helping me be a better and happier person each and every day." Eric C.  West Chester, OH

Process Coaching is a self-empowering alternative to therapy offering a unique approach to deep emotional healing and true wholeness of being. The Process Coach provides the understandings, perspectives, tools and training that empower and support the client in doing their own healing work. The client becomes their own therapist, their own healing practitioner. Once learned and integrated, the work becomes a unique intuitive expression of the individual.

The exclusive new tools of Process Coaching are combined with some of the best tools and understandings of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychic Awareness and Shamanic wisdom... but in a new and different way. In the past we have used these and other modalities to try to control our emotions in an effort to 'help' our feeling parts learn better ways of behaving.

In this work, we honor feelings and emotions and the fact that they themselves know what they need for their own healing. The mind's role now is to listen to and learn from the feelings. The conscious mind asks the pain, "What can I do to help?" And then feeling into the energy of the pain, we become our own Healer as we tap into the wisdom of the unconscious, intuitive self, bringing consciousness to the service of sentience."

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