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Process Coaching

I have a mind. And I choose to use it in a loving, supportive way.

Learn tools to retrain your mind to help your feelings rather than get them to be a certain way."In service of sentience," the mind can assist hurt feelings as a loving parent and friend would help a hurt child or friend. Now you can help and heal yourself. You are the healer you've been waiting for!

Process Coaching has given me back the wonder of life from my youth. I am so grateful. I would love to share it with you.

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I am Body. I honor Her.

As Body, I love to do yoga, walk on the beach, swim in the ocean, listen and move to music I love, witness beauty in nature and the colorful people I come across in my life... I slow down, I breathe, I feel, I love, I cry, I remember who I am.

Yoga as Body with a Heart, Mind, Will and Soul.

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I contain all my experiences. I hold all of my experiences. 

I love to teach what I am learning. Maybe just a hop before the leap to share, I am there with you. My first yoga teacher, Diane Wilson, taught me about "Beginner's Mind." I pledge to remember what it is like to feel the discomfort and wonder of learning something new. I'll be there tomorrow learning with you.

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