"Cathy Breshears is a wonderful Process Coach. She models deep feeling, which has been so helpful to me, in accessing my own deep healing. She is very intuitive too, even over the phone! I've been amazed at how much better I feel after having a session with Cathy! I've been able to shift some difficult barriers in my life that prevented me from having a truly loving relationship. Cathy is gentle and compassionate. I highly recommend her services as a Process Coach and teacher."  Linda Charles, Sacramento, CA
"Cathy Breshears has a personable, intuitive and professional approach to helping you become judgment free, and to be able to move on with our fabulous lives, providing you with many tools for situations that may arise in your life that block your movement forward. You don't need to be actively in crisis to seek Cathy's services as it is our unconscious that may be at work here, and we may not know what we don't know that is keeping us stuck or from moving forward. Although when in crisis or when life gets overwhelming the tools she provides can get you through anything as well. Thank you Cathy, your 'gift' of Process Coaching is now apart of my life, and preventative outlook on health. Instead of fixing 'it' when it is broke, I will have you a part of my life for years to come. " Stefanie Haugen, D.C., Seattle, WA